• As George Bush continues his vanishing act, Barack Obama steps into the spotlight, two months early, to calm a jittery nation
• Obama: "I Don't Think There's Any Question That We Have a Mandate"
Obama to name board of economic advisers | Times: Gates to Stay at Defense | Obama supplants Bush to set out spending plan | Is Hillary constitutionally barred from State Department job? | Obama Preparing to Redefine the "Center" – by Pulling the GOP to the Left from the Ground Up? | Obama explains the fundamentals of 'smarter government' | Obama set to introduce Peter Orszag as Budget director
• Treasury unveils extra $800bn
Debunking the myth of the $70-per-hour autoworker and adding a shocking truth: UAW line workers will make LESS than nonunion auto workers! | Fed will buy up to $600 billion in mortgage-backed assets
• MN-Sen: GOP election theft thwarted? Franken campaign finds 6,400 uncounted absentee ballots
• Was Government Out to Get Eliot Spitzer? Congressional Panel to Investigate
Ex-Bush Aide Felipe Sixto Charged with Stealing Taxpayer Money | Administration faked savings to privatize jobs
• Alas, It Won't Be Hannity and Miller
Only on FOX: Dick Morris fundraises for Republican PAC on the same day his conflict of interest is exposed in the press
• Environmentalists draft bold roadmap for Obama
• Timelines: President Hamid Karzai told a visiting U.N. Security Council delegation Tuesday that the international community should set a timeline to end the war in Afghanistan
• In Private Retreat, Health Care Reformers Gird for Major Battle with Insurance Industry
• Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional

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