• Bush Labor Department faked savings and misled Congress in effort to privatize jobs
• Obama promises huge jolt to economy
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-CO) Named Head of DSCC | FEMA Getting Facelift Under Obama Administration | Mexican Nobel Laureate to lead Obama transition effort on climate | Obama introduces his economic team | • Obama to Name Berkeley Prof Christina Romer as Economic Adviser | • Senior Dem Leadership Aide: Congress And Obama Aiming to Pass Stimulus Package Before Obama Takes Office | • MN-Sen: Franken Camp Warns of Another Potential Disaster: Missing Ballots
• Report: US spied on UK Prime Minister Blair, Iraqi Prez's personal life and calls
• Mormon church under investigation for possible election fraud
• Top Wal-Mart lobbyist to be charged in Abramoff case
National Archives unsure how many White House emails will be saved | Bush pardons 14 individuals | Lawmakers ask: Why are taxpayers footing Gonzales's legal bills? | Wal-Mart Cans GOP Lobbyist After He's Charged in Abramoff SchemeInjustice: Four found guilty in citizen's arrest of Rove
• U.S. charity guilty of supporting terrorism
US seeks Al Qaeda planner Nizar Trabelsi's extradition
• Anatomy of a Meltdown: a must-read article from The New Yorker
• Millionaires get farm payments; nobody checking | You are funding CITI's marketing efforts (and the New York Mets)
• Energy Crisis Could Last 50 Years Or More
• Is California's gay marriage ban a legal precedent for more discrimination against minorities?
• Candidate for RNC Chair Was Member of Whites-Only Country Club

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