• Watch Obama's Weekly Address: President-elect Promises "Immediate Action" on the Economy
Obama vows to create 2.5m new jobs in two years | Obama's Cabinet: Federal Reserve President Tim Geithner tapped for Treasury, Bill Richardson to Commerce
• 'New twist' in Siegelman appeal involves prosecutor who claimed she had "recused" herself but remained substantially involved
More: Whistleblower: Aide Reported on Siegelman Case to "Recused" U.S. Attorney "Every Day" | Stevens Trial Witness Says He Hid Immunity Deal with prosecutor, Lied on Stand | Justice Docs Suggest Identities of Team Abramoff Lobbyists Who Bribed Aide
• Job Losses Surge, Decline More Severe Than During 2001 Recession in Some States
Dem leaders to Big Three auit firms: show us a viable restructure plan
• Guantanamo judge rejects 'forced' confession
Number of juveniles held at Guantanamo almost twice official Pentagon figure
• Nate Silver: Did Talk Radio Kill Conservatism?
• Russia-US missile talks end sans deal

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