• Sen. Hillary Clinton to be named Secretary of State
Cha-ching! Obama Raised Half a Billion Online During Campaign | CNN: Verizon employees breach Obama's private cell phone records
• Attorney General Mukasey 'conscious, conversant' at hospital following collapse at speaking event
• Dingell Buried: Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA30) beats out John Dingell (D-MI15)to chair House Energy and Commerce Committee
Sen. Boxer to Propose Cap-And-Trade, $15B Energy Innovation Bills | Preview: the Waxman Era and the House democratic Agenda | Senate GOP in big funk
• Most despised president ever: World leaders refuse to shake Bush's hand during G20 photo-op
• Army shreds documents on friendly fire deaths
CIA Shot Down American Missionary Plane, Repeatedly Misled Congress, Report Finds | U.S. judge orders five Algerians at Guantanamo freed | Pentagon Officials Fear Iraqi Control of U.S. Military Operations
• The Possibility of Justice: Private Contractors in Iraq Could Face Charges for Earlier Incidents Under New Security Pact
Trip to "Gentleman's Club" Leads to Guilty Plea for Married Abramoff Crony Trevor Blackann | Klan Takes $2.5 Million Dollar Beating
• Health Insurance Industry, Under Pending Congressional and White House Pressure, Offers Conditional Support to Accepting All Customers
• Bob Parry: America's media ideological asymmetry contributed to today's crises and must be addressed for real change to be possible
Maybe They Should Report Actual News: Network Evening Newscasts' Ratings Stall During Election 2008
• Palin pardons turkey as bird decapitated on camera

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