• Guardian Reports Sen. Hillary Clinton to Accept Obama's Offer to Become Secretary of State
Sen. Kennedy returns to work in the Senate
• World Leaders Punt on Economic Crisis
Car firms unlikely to get bail-out | White House to Leave Obama with $350 Billion from Bailout, Sources Say | Democrats to add taxpayer protections to auto bailout | Spitzer: Time to purge the criminals from Wall Street
• Abramoff said he had agreement with White House aide just a month after Bush took office
• CNN: Scooter Libby may have requested Bush pardon
• Bush "Burrowing" Key Political Appointees in Career Civil Service Jobs
• Did Bush intentionally allow Osama bin Laden to survive?
• White House cuts and runs, announces firm Iraq withdrawal
US military toll in Iraq 4,200
• Chris Matthews Overheard Trashing Hillary Clinton on Amtrak: "She's Just a Soap Opera"
• Was Prop 8 Fixed by Religious Zealots?
• $100,000 REWARD for tips on how the 2002 Georgia Senate race was rigged

• Obama Victory Triggers Racist Backlash: at Least 200 Incidents Reported

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