• Clinton's attorney Greg Craig to lead Obama counsel
Obama Pledges to End Torture to Help ‘Regain America's Moral Stature in the World' | In first post-election interview, Obama promises exit from Iraq, Gitmo closure | Plan for 'activist presidency' on track despite crisis
• Pressure Mounts to Investigate Bush Officials
• Spike in Death Threats Against President-Elect Obama Makes Sarah "Inflamatory Rhetoric" Palin Herself a Traget of Secret Service Probe
Since Obama's election, there's been an uptick in eliminationist rhetoric
• The G-20 Summit to Save the World and Reinvent Finance produced a surprisingly meaty declaration and action plan
U.S. agrees to new world financial order
• CBS Provides More Evidence of the Not-at all “Liberal” Media as Rather's Lawsuit Reveals Role of G.O.P. in Inquiry into Memogate Story

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