• NBC, Politico, AP: Hillary Clinton being vetted for Secretary of State
Susan Rice as Head of Foreign Policy Team Augurs Bold Pragmatism | Doing It Right This Time: Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar | Obama resigning Senate seat as of Sunday | Good news for people who don't like their airliners hijacked: Counterterrorism guru Rand Beers heads Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team
• Judge dimisses Coleman's lawsuit against Franken
• Rep. Waxman chairs hearing into 'virtually unregulated' hedge fund industry, in House committee testimony featuring industry player George Soros
Hedge fund hearings: Billionaires bring a lot to table, explain the mess as regulators stumbled | Soros: Hedge funds will be decimated | Your taxpayer bailout money at work: AIG to pay top management over $500 million | Retail sales plunge by worst drop on record | Democrats Fed Up with Bailed-Out Banks | Regulators to consumers: Drop dead! Federal bank regulators nix credit card debt forgiveness plan
• Palin's 2012 bid takes shambolic turn at conference of governors
GOP Governors Reluctant to Embrace Sarah Palin for 2012: She Is Not ‘The Future of the Party'
• Error in Justice: Politicized Prosecutors Seeking to Convict Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman Broke the Law, Sent Notes Back and Forth to Jurors DURING Deliberations
Arizona Congressman Renzi Has Charges Added to His Indictment
• CIA warns of increase in 'western' terrorists
CIA Chief: Iraq Not Main Front in War on Terrorists
• On GMA, William Ayers pushes back against John McCain's slander
• Why Is the National Press Ignoring Small-Town Racism?
• Secrets of hate radio revealed by a career professional

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