What Athenae Said…

… about P.J. O'Rourke's break with the reality-based world:

It's like he threw Red State in a blender and this is what came out. "Blargle blargle flap flap AYERS blargle!" Conservatism has failed, objectively, because for the past 20 years at least all conservatives wanted to talk about was presidential blowjobs, phony associations, windsurfing, faux-scandalous land deals, and people with askeery names. Conservatism has failed because for the past 40 years all y'all have done is bitch about hippies that have hurt exactly nobody, Ayers and Dohrn notwithstanding, Peej, instead of focusing on things that make people's lives better and run government usefully and well.

I wish I'd said that. The last funny book P.J. wrote was The Bachelor Home Companion. It's worth the price alone for the hilarious recipes. The eagle-eyed will spot a much younger Lucianne Goldberg in one of the photos!

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