• Obama Taps Veteran Democrats for Pentagon, State Handovers
Obama softens total ban on hiring lobbyists – as long as they work on issues unrelated to their earlier jobs | Consideration of National Security Courts Lands Obama in a Legal Minefield | Obama Team Mulls Reversals of Bush Exec Orders | Obama to Consider Negotiations to End the War in Afghanistan | Obama to Renew Focus on Hunt for Bin Laden
• America Discovers That Bailout Will Be Used to Pay Wall Street Bonuses
Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for Helping of Bailout Pie | Subcommittee Demands Testimony from Treasury Official on Use of Bailout Funds; “Serious Questions” for Mr. Kashkari | Fannie, AIG Struggling After Federal Takeover | Economists predict contraction for 2009, increased unemployment
• It's Official: Full Dem Caucus Will Vote on Lieberman's Fate
• Afghan Insurgency Stronger Than Ever, Taliban Training Extremely Young Soldiers (VIDEO)

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