• Obama Asks Bush to Provide Help for Automakers
Obama to Renew Focus on Hunt for Bin Laden | Obama to Establish Urban Policy Office | Obama to Make Good on Closing Down Guantanamo: Plans Detainee Trials | No Cake Walk for Victorious Democrats: Two Wars and an Economic Downturn Could Stymie Their Agenda
• US military conducts a dozen secret strikes against Islamic militants in four years, with mixed results and no Osama bin Laden
• Howard Dean keeps promise, will depart the DNC after one term
• One-third of votes not counted in AK | Georgia Can't Say How Many Eligible Voters It's Currently Disenfranchising
• New lawsuit alleges businessman originally tried to steer money directly to Coleman
• Court: Lawsuit over missing White House e-mails must continue
• Fed Refuses to Identify Recipients of $2 Trillion in Emergency Taxpayer Loans, Bloomberg Sues for Info
Economists predict contraction for 2009, increased unemployment | Fannie, AIG Struggling After Federal Takeover
• Four More Years! Keith Olbermann Signs New Deal with MSNBC
• Bombings kill 31 in Baghdad during morning commute
• US court throws out most software patents
• IAEA: Documents linking Iran to nuclear weapons push may have been fabricated

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