• Obama to push White House into 21st century
• White House Gears Up for Bush-Obama Talks
Obama to Make Good on Closing Down Guantanamo: Plans Detainee Trials | Obama Not Tied Down: His Grass-Roots Strategy Leaves Few Debts to Special Interest Groups | Emanuel: Middle-class tax cut a priority for Obama | President-elect Obama will reshape makeup of federal courts
• No Cake Walk for Victorious Democrats: Two Wars and an Economic Downturn Could Stymie Their Agenda
In the wake of the Democratic victories, Harry Reid is reshaping the Senate even before GA, AK and MN results | "Liberal" label loses political punch in wake of GOP losses
• US military conducts a dozen secret strikes against Islamic militants in four years, with mixed results and no Osama bin Laden
• Paulson discretely eliminated bank taxes; taxpayers get soaked for billions
• The Wall Street bailout looks a lot like Iraq — a "free-fraud zone" where private contractors cash in on the mess they helped create
• Auditors go easy on defense contractors
• Obama's big win obscured ongoing voting problems
Rig the Vote 2008: GOP tried to fix senate races, had negligible impact on Prez race, and new revelations from Mike Connell's deposition

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