Time for Democrats to Celebrate… But Keep Your Eyes Open!

As the coming Obama presidency quickly comes into focus, Jeff Koopersmith says Democrats should savor the victory – but remain wary of a gaggle of seventeen ultra-right and Neocon legislators.

November 7, 2008 – Geneva (apj.us) – Hurrah! Some of the very worst of slimeball Neocon legislators have been flushed down the electoral toilet: conservative stalwarts like Tom Feeney (R-FL), Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), Steve Chabot (R-OH), Virgil Goode and Thelma Drake (both R-VA), Bill Sali (R-ID) and Tim Walberg (R-MI).

Meanwhile, here are 17 potential Neocons, reactionaries, Neo-McCarthyites and ultra-rightists to watch next year.

  • Neocon website Human Events claims Tom McClintock is the winner in California’s 4th Congressional District. That’s a lie. He’s leading Democrat candidate Brown by about 400 votes so far, but he could win so keep and eye on him. He’s a granite neofascist best known for dirty campaigning, lying, drilling in your back yard of ocean, and pretending to be a fiscal conservative – unless the money goes to his district. Usually fiscal conservative means he won’t fund programs for the poor, universal health care, education, and the usual things a great society requires. He’s a gay basher, against high speed rail to replace gas-guzzling cars, ready to torture animals because they “are food, not friends”, against hospital bonds, favors ratting out girls who need an abortion, favors warehousing more non-violent minority drug offenders, prohibiting “illegal aliens” from release on bail if charged with “violent crimes” – like bar fights, against subsidizing renewable energy – Drill Baby Drill!, He’s a gay basher and loathes gay marriage claiming: “Marriage is a unique institution in which a man and a woman summon a child into the world – creating a unique tapestry of responsibilities”. Of course McClintock also wants a fence (preferably with automatic movement-sensing machine guns that fire at Mexicans), spending even more on warfare, and of course – lowering taxes. He wants “a double border fence” from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico! Add to that No Amnesty for Mexican slave laborers, no driver’s licenses, no benefits.
  • Duncan D. Hunter is a clone of his madman father. This is a disturbing trend – maniac Neocons breeding and tapping their spawn for entrance to the Congress. It must be stopped! Little Hunter is a wild Neocon and national security nut. He is a former military man with three middle-east tours. He may not be insane like his father who thought he could be President, but he is the normal knee-jerk jerk – He thinks National Security is the most important issue, he too wants to stop “illegal” aliens unless they are picking his constituents lettuce for slave wages,. Of course, he wants lower taxes, and he’s “Pro Family” which is another term for “life begins at conception.” He does not tell us who will pay for all the new orphans he wants to produce. I guess we Liberals will have to take care of them. Okay with me. He’s another gay basher like Daddy. He doesn’t want to “socialize” medicine – just make it more expensive. The moron thinks market-based tactics work. Gee, can he read a newspaper? In addition, the jerk wants to invest social security funds in the stock market! Let’s not forget GUNS FOR ALL – and of course, an end to the Department of Education so he can build more religious schools to train the next wave of Crusaders.
  • Mike Coffman was in the Army and the Marines – so we can count on his dovishness. He loves to FIGHT for everything:
Coffman understands our national security challenges. He served in both the U.S. Army and in the Marine Corps. He led Marines in combat during the first Gulf War and recently served in Iraq. In Congress, Coffman will be a strong and experienced voice who will stand up for our veterans and for our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coffman will fight to stop out of control spending, cut taxes, and reduce the regulatory burdens on business to create more jobs and economic opportunities. [Wow, I wonder how this freshman will FIGHT with his party leaders and their massive giveaway programs for business.[

Coffman will fight for making America energy independent by promoting more research, exploration, and production of our domestic energy resources to bring down the cost of energy whether it’s for heating a home or for driving to work. [Drill baby Drill!]

Coffman will fight for an enforceable immigration system that will include the security of our borders and deny amnesty and a path to citizenship to those who violate our laws. [The same old garbage – appealing to bigots.]

Coffman will fight to protect the 2nd Amendment for law abiding citizens to "keep and bear arms.” Coffman is proud to have received multiple "A" ratings from the NRA and was given an "A+" rating the last time he ran for office. [Great – what a man!]

Coffman will fight to protect the right to life and believes we must never waiver in our efforts to promote pro-life and pro-family values. [Thinks there is a right to life for all living things except gay people.]

Coffman will fight to expand health care insurance coverage by providing strong tax incentives for individuals to buy their own health insurance so that they are free to make their own decisions about their care. [Thinks tax incentives lure the poor.]

Coffman will fight to defend Colorado's water interests in the Congress by making sure that Colorado's share of water under all interstate water compacts are preserved. [In short, he won’t give water to other regions that need it desperately.]

  • Bill Posey is a Realtor that helped con you into paying too much for your house. Best of all – he’s a stock car racer! He was too lazy to make himself clear on the issues and simply links to a newspaper to explain his issues for him. He did not answer anything about health care although he is from Florida – land of the aged. He is for the usual – walls around our borders, NO tax increases even for Bill Gates, pro drilling for oil off the coast or anywhere, against setting any date for withdrawal from Iraq and any war we get into, and he claims that “only a small fraction” of lenders are crooks.
  • Tom Rooney’s win over Tim Mahoney makes for sad pickin's. Mahoney was also a right winger – but not RIGHT enough for the Neocons. Tom Rooney is just another cookie cutter Neocon. See above for his position on “issues” and his web site for cute pictures of him in a military uniform…
  • Aaron Schock, who will succeed Ray LaHood in Illinois’ 18th Congressional District, is the youngest and dumbest Member of Congress. I think he is twelve and his campaign was called Schock to the System! He was the main sponsor of concealed handgun bills in Illinois that would allow citizens the “right to carry concealed weapons”. His website has no issues listed at all. I guess handguns are it. Oh – Peoria County State's Attorney Kevin Lyons had agreed to investigate Schock for fraud – Schock backdated while helping his parents set up tax shelters – charges were not brought because in part – the statute of limitations had run!
  • Brett Guthrie is a West Point graduate so we know his position on any early withdrawal of our troops in Iraq. He wants to drill, drill, drill – but he wants LOWER taxes on working families? How do the Neocons think he help them? He does not support universal health care, and thinks lawyers should not be able to sue doctors and hospitals for killing or maiming their patients. He believes in taking care of our “warriors” – so do I. Who is this guy?
  • Dr. Bill Cassidy sadly succeeded in taking back Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District because he’s a doctor, handsome (pretends to be a Kennedy), and loves guns. Even as a doc – his number one issue is GUNS, more, guns. In addition, the “right to carry” among about 100 other pro-gun ideas. He spends some time talking about health care and brags he started a clinic to treat “working” poor. Does that mean he wouldn’t treat the poor who were not working? He is also “pro family” which means pro life and anti-gay. He is also anti-union secret ballot. He is not related to Hopalong Cassidy to our knowledge. Gee what a guy! However…Cassidy could turn out to be a liberal in disguise – From blogs: "dr" bill Cassidy is a quack! He voted for Lake Charles democrat Willie mount's Senate Bill No. 312 (SB312) which calls for mandatory mass medication without the informed consent of Louisianans through our drinking water. "Dr" Cassidy also approved SB312 in the conference committee he was a member of. "Dry" bill Cassidy is worthless. He’s another big government thug pretending to be a conservative. "dr." bill Cassidy shouldn’t be elected to the United States congress nor is "dry" Cassidy fit to hold the office of Louisiana state senator. Huh? Alternatively, Cassidy is a big liberal who switched to party 2 years ago. Is the 3rd most liberal voting Senator in Louisiana. He is a lifelong Democrat who was a huge supporter of Landrieu and Blanco. Even wrote an anti Jindal editorial during Governor's race.
  • Erik Paulsen is a self-described “Tim Pawlenty Republican”. Oh great! whose election to Minnesota’s 3rd District represents a shift to the ultra right for this Republican seat. Paulsen is anti-gay, otherwise he is just a cookie cutter, – and I’m for everyone kind of conservative.
  • Blaine Luetkemeyer is the newest Show Me State congresscritter. He wowed them at a Sarah Palin rally. He is anti gay. Loves guns. Opposes stem cell research but doesn’t understand it. Pro Life or course, unless it’s yours. He opposes federal involvement in health care. He’s a Mexican worker basher, loves fences, thinks that jobs are “created” by business, and Gawd – his name is “Blaine” – Admit it, have you ever liked any man named Blaine?
  • Gregg Harper? If you can say Mississippi, then you have Harper down pat. He was a GOP “overseer” in the Palm Beach vote fraud that put “W” in office. He’s focused on “border security” and “preservation of family values” = the question is WHOSE family values? He also likes guns and wants to increase Mississippian’s income. Well, that’s a good thing because his state is the poorest and dumbest in America. What’s with the two G’s in Gregg?
  • Steve Austria? Other than having a name that sounds like a cartoon Nazi super-hero Steve is proud of only one thing – voting against gas-tax increases in Ohio. Oh, he also has a “perfect” attendance record and cleans the blackboard without being asked. However, Uh-Oh he was a “financial advisor” before sucking on the public trough. Can you say credit meltdown! His opponent said: “Austria has taken more than a half million dollars in contributions from “big money special interests, including some of the world’s largest health care, insurance, oil, and banking companies – the same people who are responsible for many of the most serious problems facing our country. The Neuhardt office says this includes “at least $111,000 from health care and insurance interests, at least $53,000 from banking and finance interests, and at least $36,400 from Big Oil and energy interests”.
  • Meet Glenn Thompson. Aside from looking like Uncle Fester from The Addams Family, the new Pennsylvania Neocon wants to reform congress – and I hope that means get rid of the Neocons. He wants to be a “citizen legislator” – Well I hope so. Like the rest of this list, he is for guns, life, lower taxes, jobs, “fixing” Medicare (ha-ha), and fair trade. He looks like fun. Glenn with 2 G’s.
  • Dr. Phil Roe believes in “people not politics” – so what’s he doing in Congress? This guy, get this, is critical on “over-regulation”, and believes it is an impediment to “affordable” health care. Maybe in Tennessee? He also wants to simplify the income tax system. Wow! Hot stuff.
  • Pete Olson: the new Tom DeLay? He’s ex-Navy and Texas all the way, and Oh No – He worked for Phil Gramm – the scumbag of the Senate, and John Cornyn! As his chief of staff. He must have great files on Gramm and Cornyn to have been elected! His focus is unusual – national security and poverty stricken illegal immigrants who dare to clean his toilets. He says he learned “plenty” from his conservative “mentors” – hahahahaha. I bet. He has one unusual issue – NASA and support for space exploration. Perhaps he can explain Cindy McCain? Pete has a degree in “paper” chemistry – so I am sure he will cut down on red tape.
  • Jason Chaffetz of Utah ia another cookie cutter Neocon. If it’s an ultra-right position, Chaffetz supports it. He hides his neofascist tendencies by creating general topics and listing his “real” goals under them. For instance, he lists abortion (no) and immigration under his lust for “Accountability”. That alone makes him untrustworthy and un-American. And here is a real twist on the meaning of: Freedom. “We have the freedom to succeed or fail in this country. It is not the government’s role to stand in the way of either outcome” – especially failure huh Jason? Chaffetz is an opportunist. Worse Chaffetz was a Democrat and before his induction into the Republican Party, Chaffetz joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) – how convenient. Now he is almost a card-carrying bigot.
  • Real glamour? Cynthia Lummis is a Wyoming blonde who presents two faces: the Match.com face and her real one, that of a knee-jerk conservative but she lists this strange poem-like “thing” on her website:


  • I believe abortion is a sin against God.As a legislator, I voted for Wyoming's parental consent law.
  • I oppose the repeal of the federal ban on partial birth abortion.
  • I oppose federal funding for abortion.
  • I oppose codifying the principles of Roe v. Wade into federal law.

Home Schooling

  • I support the right of home schoolers to teach their children without government interference.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning

  • I oppose federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
  • I oppose human cloning.

So there you have it. Start taking notes on this clutch of kooks – they will need constant monitoring by the electorate, and not just in their home districts!

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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