• Obama White House team starts taking shape
For Obama, No Time to Wait on the Economy | Obama's Massive Economic To-Do List
Wednesday Tally: Obama Edges Out McCain as Unofficial Winner in North Carolina and Wins Traditionally Red Indiana
It was the economy, stupid! | OR-Sen: Oregonian projects Democrat Jeff Merkley winner in latest blue pick-up | Al Franken's MN Senate Race Counted on Flawed Optical-Scan Systems | ID-01: Idaho Turns a Little Bit Blue | Dems, GOP, already targeting 2010 gov races | Whoa, duude! Massachusetts voters decriminalize marijuana
• GOP trying to steal 12 close races nationwide
• 2 million votes missing in GA – and no early votes
• The Inside Story merges: Newsweek releases excerpts from its Special Election Project
• "These two grubbers, Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin, became the perfect symbol for everything that was wrong with and ingenuine about modern Republicanism"
• House Republican caucus in chaos as finger-pointing, recriminations kick into full gear
• Remember the Credit Default Swap Report released at 5:00 on election day? It was bogus
• Lehman CEO Fuld to Be Terminated Without Golden Parachute

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