Headlines: Election 2008

• Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls
More from BBC News | NY Daily News | Salon | Guardian | BoGlo
Watch Barack Obama's inspiring victory speech again | Obama Looks Toward Promises to Keep | It was the economy, stupid!
• Veteran GOPers fall by wayside as Republicans suffer huge US election losses
• Dems increase Senate majority, but fall short of 60
• House Dems at least plus-12 after CO, AL wins
• Obama/DNC Incident Report Database Reveals Startling, Wide-Spread Voting Machine Problems Across Nevada During Early Voting
Ohio Sec of State Demo;ishes GOP talking point:: No Reports of Illegal Voting | The Steal You Won't See: How Saxby Chambliss Stole His Election | Voter Fraud by Rick Santorum? Has-been Right Winger's Right to Vote in Penn Hills Challenged
• Whoa, duude! Massachusetts voters decriminalize marijuana
• Homophobes Win in 4 States
• FCC Approves "Wi-Fi on Steroid:" Good News for Consumers, Bad News for Telcos
• Blasts in Baghdad kill 15
• Recession hits 30 states, 19 at risk
• The first inkling of how Big the Big Sh!tpile really is
• Afghanistan: Petraeus Arrives in Kabul to Assess War

Lots more below the fold

• Obama Offers Rahm Emanuel Job of White House Chief of Staff
• Republican Strategy: Make Obama's Win Illegitimate
• The next Senate will have at least 56 Democrats

• IL-14: Democrat Bill Foster Beats Oberweis to Retain 14th District Seat
• MO-4: Democrat Betsy Markey defeats homophobe Marilyn Musgrave
• WA-8: Republican Dave Reichert leads Darcy Burner
• WA-Gov: Democrat Christine Gregoire crushes Dino Rossi in grudge rematch
• GA-Sen: Chambliss is below 50%, with many votes yet to be counted; if Chambliss stays under 50%, runoff mandatory
• MN-6: McCarthyite Michelle Bachmann barely survives
• MI-7: State Sen. Mark Schauer unseats Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg
• ID-1: Democrat Walt Minnick appears to have defeated Rep. Bill Sali
• VA-5: Tom Perriello leads longtime incumbent U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode Jr. by less than a 1 percent margin; recount probable
• VA-2: Democratic challenger Glenn Nye beats incumbent Thelma Drake
• MN-Sen: Franken-Coleman too close to call; recount mandated; Franken cites voting irregularities

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