• As Americans flock to the polls, all eyes are on a handful of key battleground states
Obama mimics Bush's '04 strategy to get out vote | Obama Sends Lawyers to Protect Votes | Private investigators recruiting to aid anti-progressive voter caging | Phony Virginia Flier Culprits Found | The Fundamentals of Our McCain Are Wrong: Obama Launches Final Barrage on McCain | McCain Rep Admits No Instances of Voter Fraud | Voting Problems May Arise as Voters Swamp Untested System Tuesday | Exectuive Director of Group that Produced Inflammatory Rev. Wright televison ads worked on the infamous Clinton Chronicles
• Coleman-Franken Debate Gets Nasty on Eve of Election
• Is it over for the Neocons or for the American people?
Nowhere man: a farewell to Dubya, all-time loser in presidential history | The American Republic in the Balance
• What is she hiding? Questions remain after Palin offers doctor's letter
McCain Still Silent on New Keating Five Charges | Trooper-Gate Report Initiated By Palin Clears Her of Wrong-Doing | Gov. Jim Gibbons (R-NV) Cleared in FBI Investigation
• Iraq Violence Continues, Despite Lower Death Numbers
• Hmmm, Maybe Petraeus Wasn't So Hot on Going to Syria

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