Game Day!Early Edition

8:30am (all times EST) – Just got back from voting in Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood. In 2004 I had a 15 minute wait; today it was nearly an hour. The turnout is massive and excited. UPDATE: Someone was disenfranchised in my neighborhood, perhaps even at my precinct.
Kommandante Kos posted the very first election tally, from Dixville Notch, NH: Obama 15 / McCain 6 (compare to Bush 19 / Kerry 7 in 2004). – MH

8:45am – MSNBC is showing Barack Obama voting in Chicago as one of his daughters looks on. Nattering ninny Mika Brzeinski is contemplating the possibility that Joe biden will make some sort of gaffe. – GG

9:15am – What a shock: CNN reports problems with voting machines in Fairfax County, VA as MSNBC shows Hillary Clinton showing up to vote. – JG

9:45am – Long lines everywhere on the east coast: Penn State, suburban Maryland, South Philly. – MH

9:50am – It looks like the powers-that-be are using bureaucracy and predictably jammed phone lines to strip some Floridians of their full voting rights. – GG

10:20amAtrios blows through line on election day. – JG

10:50am – Now this is a switch! In Philly, six Republican election board members were expelled from their polling precincts because they failed to receive the mandated court order that would permit them to work on election day. – MH

11:55am – The turnout at my Manhattan precinct (Upper West Side) is massive. I usually vote at around 11 and it usually takes two minutes from back of the line to ballot accomplished. Today? 22 minutes. the precinct was packed. – GG

1:00pm – Cable news infotainment channels dominated by images of long lines across the nation. On MSNBC, Al Hunt (now rumored to be on the Meet the Press short list), is touting the large turnout and saying watch Ohio and Florida. – JG

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