Game Day: President-elect Barack Obama

11:00pm: Obama Wins with CA, OR, WA, HI. Our long national nightmare is over. – GG

MORE — MSNBC calls VA for Obama.

11:10pm — McCain has called Obama to concede the race, per AP.

11:15pm — MSNBC calls FL for Obama.

11:18pm — McCain's concession speech set a well-balanced, conciliatory tone — and made many of his supporters look churlish with his generous praise and the very kind words concerning Obama's late grandmother. Good on McCain – who outclassed the cat-calling, obnoxious sore losermen in the ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. Networks called CO for Obama.

11:25pm — Rep. John Lewis is speaking on MSNBC about this day, one he said he could never have imagined in his days as a civil rights activist.

11:36pm — MSNBC calls NV for Obama.

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