Game Day!

All projections per NBC unless otherwise specified.

11:00pm: Obama Wins with CA, OR, WA. Our long national nightmare is over. – GG

MORE: MSNBC calls VA for Obama.

10:56pm: NY-13, Vito Fossells’a seat, to Mike McMahon (D-pickup) by a solid margin, per WNBC4.– GG

10:50pm: CO-Sen to Udall. PA-12 to Murtha (D) by a hefty margin.– GG

10:23pm: MS to McCain per CNN.– GG

10:10pm: SD abortion ban fails per AP, per Rachel Maddow. CT-4 to Jim Himes (D-pickup), defeating Chris Shays, per AP. FL-8 to Alan Grayson(D-pickup), defeating the egregious Rick Keller, per AP. – GG

10:00pm: UT to McCain. IA to Obama. MT too close to call. NV too early to call, Obama leads. – GG

9:55pm: TX to McCain. TIME calls election for Obama.GG

9:38pm: WV to McCain.MS-Sen to Cochran (R-hold). AL-Sen to Sessions (R-hold). KS-Sen to Roberts (R-hold). TN-Sen to Lamar! (R-hold). OK-Sen to Inhofe (R-hold). WY-Sen to Enzi and Barrasso (R-holds).SD-Sen to Johnson (D-hold).AR-Sen to Pryor (D-hold). ND-Gov to Hoeven (R-hold). MO-Gov to Nixon (D-pickup). FL-08 to Rick Keller (D-pickup) per Kos. FOX News called Ohio for Obama, then takes it back ? vid at HuffPo. – GG

9:30pm: NM to Obama. – GG

9:22pm: OH to Obama. Joe Scarborough: McCain’s "thread has broken" (translation: calls election for Sen. Barack Obama). KY-Sen to the insufferable Mitch McConnell per CNN. – GG

9:00pm: KS, WY to McCain — along with ND, AK out of the toss-ups. NY. MI, MN, WI to Obama. AZ too close to call. FL, NC, IN still too close to call. TX, CO, OH, LA, NE , SD, MS too early to call. NM-Sen to Udall (D-pickup). – GG

8:36pm: GA to McCain. – GG

8:33pm: AL to McCain. – GG

8:30pm: NC-Sen to Hagen, beating Liddy Dole like a bad piece of meat (D-pickup). FL-24 to Suzanne Kosmas (D-pickup), defeating election fixer Tom Feeney, one of the slimiest corrupt Republicans in the house, per Phoenix Woman at firedoglake, who also reports VA-11 has gone blue. AR too early to call. – GG

8:17pm: NH-Sen to Shaheen (D-pickup), IN-Sen to Durbin (D-hold),NJ-Sen to Lautenberg (D-hold), DE-Sen to Biden (D-hold), TN-Sen to Alexander (R-hold), ME-Sen to Collins (R-hold). – GG

8:15pm: Howard Dean is seeing across-the-board improvement in every demographic in the exit polling. Is it a bellwether outside Pennsylvania, asks Keith Olbermann; Deah says (confidently) let's see. Chris Matthews tells Dean that he was most ipressed by his use of the word "You" as an empowering mantra. Dean calls the Obama campaign even more disciplined than Bill Clinton's two campaigns. – GG

8:00pm: TN, OK, to McCain. PA (an important swing state), IL, NJ, MA, MD, DE, DC, NH, ME, CT to Obama. FL, MO, AL, MS too close to call. Chris Matthews: McCain strategy "has crashed." – GG

7:46pm: SC to McCain. – GG

7:35pm: WV-Sen to Rockefeller, WV-Gov to Manchin (D-hold), IN-Sen to Daniels (R-hold). – GG

7:30pm: NC, OH, WV all too close to call. – GG

7:05pm: VA-Sen to Warner (D-pickup), SC-Sen to Graham (R-hold). – GG

7:00pm: KY to McCain. VT to Obama. IN, VA, GA, SC all too close to call. – GG

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