Hey, Mister GOP: Worried about Joe the Plumber?

Bela de Lune thinks the greedhead should be worried about something a bit more pressing than the faux plumber from the heartland.

November 3, 2008 – Washington, DC (apj.us) – Last week a 13 year old girl, already married and living in that pit called Somalia, was stoned to death after being accused of "adultery".

Her accusers? The Islamic Militia in charge of Kismayo, Somalia.
Her so-called "adultery" was the fact that she "allowed" herself to be raped by three Islamic militants.

More than thirty men stoned Aisha Duholow to death on the 27th of October 2008 in a sports stadium with 1,000 cheering psychopaths and their "families" in the stands.

The wonderful Somalian government did nothing to help.

Already, 25% of all Somali children die before age 5, not from stoning, but from rifle shots, grenades, bayoneting, gutting, skinning, and starvation, the last of which is akin to a gift from God in that despicable nation.

These pig militants are tied to al-Qaeda and have been battling the government of Somalia and Ethiopia since 2006.

Idiot Republicans are more concerned about themselves and Joe [not his real first name] the [not a real] Plumber, turning a blind eye – with the rest of the "civilized" world – against these atrocities.

Where was Dick Cheney and Mr. War Hero, John McCain – and his private Air Force – as little Aisha was stoned after first being buried up to the neck in the middle of the sports field? 

Bela de Lune is a media coordinator for a major issues advocacy organization. He lives in New York

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