• Poll: Obama Has Banked Big Lead in Early Vote
Frank Rich: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner | The campaign that changed America
• The Stench Run: Republicans Ramp Up Negative Attacks as Election Day Nears
Latest GOP smear plot revealed: Professor paid to try to tie Ayers to Obama biography | Rove appointee sends an ugly message to would-be Obama assassins
• ICE Probing Leak on Obama's Aunt
"[T]he government does illegally leak information about an individual's citizenship status or immigration case when administration officials decide it might influence a presidential election"
• In dispirited White House, staffers and loyal Bushies feel "real sadness" yet remain in total denial over Bush's disastrous presidency
NY Times profiles Media Matters' all-out attack on 'Conservative Misinformation'
• Goldman Sachs Gets 9.8 Billion Bailout: Pays 11 Billion in Bonuses

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