• Obama's winning argument: Americans have prospered under Democrats
Contenders ramp up battleground rumble | Voter turnout expected to be highest in decades | Poll: Public has growing doubts about Palin
• Federal Judge Compels GOP 'IT Guru' Mike Connell to Give Deposition in Ohio '04 Election Case
Documents show how Ohio voting was routed to firm that handled Bush email accounts | Stephen Spoonamore documents how Rove and Connell stole Ohio in 2004 | Oprah Opts for Early Voting, Has Voting Booth Meltdown
• Texas Businessman Files Lawsuit Claiming He Was Forced to Funnel $75,000 to Norm Coleman's Wife
• Meltdown 101: How we'll know we're in a recession
• Big Media Figures Admitting That Drudge's Influence Has Waned
• Studs Terkel, author an commentator who championeed working Americans, dies
• Experts question US Attorney's call to not prosecute Obama 'assassination plot'

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