The McCains Lose Again

Jeff Koopersmith takes a look through the real estate listings – and has a laugh at the McCain's expense.

October 31, 2008 – Geneva ( – Here's a good one.

McCain and his wife put up one of their homes for auction last week
. I received email from the auction house about it because I was in the business.

Anyway – they claimed the house, which looks like a whorehouse-quality Holiday Inn motel type job, was worth 15 million.

The house didn't sell.

Now they have it at Sotheby's for $12 million.

Paying $12 million for ANYTHING in Phoenix – unless it's an office tower – is nuts.

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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