• Obama in Primetime: American Stories, American Solutions
• Bill Clinton backs Barack Obama at a packed late-night Florida rally

Analysis: Obama seizes 'media real estate' with polished pitch | Sarah Palin hit with new ethics complaint | Palin already talking about her plans for 2012: "I'm not doin' this for naught" | GOP candidate caught on tape stealing opponent's signs…

• Andrew Cuomo now asking for CEO pay details on nine banks
• Conyers, Kucinich Express Alarm Regarding the Use of Funds from the $700 Billion Rescue Package
• Federal court blocks ACLU from Guantanamo torture documents
• Afghanistan troop buildup could more than double
• Report: DOJ Lawyer Meets with ACLU on NM Voter Intimidation
• Dems Set to Strip Lieberman of Chairmanship

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