• In Homestretch, Obama Uses Inverted Media Strategy
GOP Doubts Grow: Romney, Pawlenty Sound Skeptical | Indiana GOP Secretary of State Todd Rokita Helped Stop Florida Recount | Ms. Ashley Todd, she of the backwards "B" carved in her cheek, was no mere "volunteer", but a paid employee of the College Republican National Committee | Florida Absentee Ballots Stolen By Fake Campaign Worker
• October Surprise? News Organizatins Investigate Possible Deadly1964 Car Crash Involving John McCain as Navy Stonewalls Evidence
• Minneapolis-St Paul's Star Tribune endorses Michele Bachmann's opponent
• Calls mount for Sen. Ted Stevens to resign | McCain calls for Stevens to resign
• Gitmo judge tosses out detainee confession obtained through torture by Afghans
• Defense Secretary Gates demands Congress fund new nuclear weapons program, offers veiled threat that Pentagon will restart nuclear
• Fannie, Freddie Bailout Yet to Achieve Goals
Waxman Has a Few Questions for Bank CEO's | Kucinich Continues Investigation of Bail-Out Bonuses

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