The MkKain Klan: The Republican Nominee Is Relying on America’s Bigots

Is McCain now relying on out-and-out Klan-style racism?
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Jeff Koopersmith takes a look at the latest move by the McCain campaign: tapping into the "white sheet" crowd and reawakening the most violent corners of the American psyche.

October 28, 2008 – Geneva ( – The entire political world has written off the McCain-Palin ticket as just another appalling joke that has now turned into a Republican nightmare of epic proportions.

McCain must be counting near-exclusively on American bigots to save him now.

Not only have U.S voters turned their backs on Senator McCain after realizing what a counterfeit and misguided man he really is, but Republicans in droves have concluded that their dimwitted act in nominating this elderly man might now result in the destruction of the Republicans Party – something I don't approve of for fear of a single party system – although I have voted for Obama already and was proud and delighted to do so.

When Karl Rove – the Rasputin of the Bush White House – tells us about McCain's campaign today that, "It's generally a sign that people are throwing in the towel and thinking that they're going to lose.”  He's not kidding.

The phony intellectual and self-appointed chief of the neocons who relies on his fraudulent charm to lead the charge for McCain thinks it's time for McCain to go on the attack.  What's Bill Kristol thinking – Lynch Obama?

How could John McCain lie and cheat any further?  Go on the attack?  What more could he say about Barack Obama than he has already has.  Kristol advises McCain to be mendacious – just tell the voters whatever fairy tale you can make up says Kristol in other well-guarded terms.

Meanwhile our friend Sarah Palin – fit to rent bowling shoes at the local Wasilla, Alaska alleys – has ditched her $150 grand wardrobe for her used clothing of which she is so falsely proud – not.

Palin has all but told McCain to go fly a kite.  The stupid woman thinks she'll be heading up the Republican Party by next year.

McCain's people are furious – with each other – blaming anyone and everyone but themselves for hitching a ride on a loser and losing campaign.  No one could have been evil enough to elect John McCain as President of the United States unless they were doing crack.

Senator McCain is simply a gold digger and a crook demonstrated clearly by his involvement with criminal bankers years ago.  The only reason he made it into the Senate in the first place was because of his wife's money and influence, and some other "donations" by her felonious family who earns their living from a foundation of organized crime, bootlegging and worse.  McCain loves to tell us how he was "tested" in one foreign policy nightmare after another.  Of course, this too is a lie.  He was just one of thousand of American boys captured in Vietnam – and one of the few that "serendipitously" got away.  Who he left behind we may never know – because he has blocked all investigations into that can of worms.  His other “on the scene” leadership was sitting in a room on an aircraft carrier waiting to nuke Cuba he claims.  Wow, what intelligence.

McCain, in fact,  was best known as a poor pilot and the ‘little boy’ of an Admiral who had to be treated with kid gloves.

Credit Obama with never mentioning these truths – he's far too big-hearted to do that. 

McCain, on the other hand, will stop at nothing to emerge victorious.  He'll insult his own president the head of his own party.  He'll call names.  He'll accuse a gentle man of being a terrorist, a Muslim, and worse.  He'll pretend that knowing someone who might have been misguided means you are misguided too.  McCain is one to talk.  Ask him how, when, where, and why his wife is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars – which McCain does not hesitate to spend – on him.  Ask him about felon Keating. Ask him about his Senate rebuke.  Ask him how it is that pharmaceutical companies own him.

How McCain can stand in front of his ever-shrinking audience and smile is a mystery that can only have one answer – John McCain is on tenterhooks hoping that the bigots in America – and believe me – they're here – make up a larger percentage of voters then we ever imagined – So large that he will win despite his own arrogance and ignorance, and insider polls that show him trailing Senator Obama by double digits.

In fact, I believe McCain is counting on the racists still hiding in their snake pits across the country.  Otherwise, he would quit now, as he should, and apologize to the few, but good, even great men and women in his Party for wasting their time and money.

Don't count on that.

He's probably going to appear in a white robe and conical hat soon enough.

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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