• With week to go, Obama gives potent 'closing argument'
With eight days left, an angry John McCain is still trying to deal with the economic crisis | Democrats train their sights on fail-safe majority in Senate | Sarah Palin goes rogue, not only wanders off-script but starts reading her own | Rift Cracks 'Demoralized' McCain Campaign; McCain and Palin Staffs pointing Fingers of Blame at Each Other | Former Sen. Larry Pressler (R-SD) endorses Obama
• Alaska Republican senator Ted Stevens guilty on seven felony counts in corruption trial
Stevens Conviction Makes Huge Dem Senate Pickup Very Likely| More: Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Guilty) Convicted on All Counts
• Republican Shipwreck: as the mighty right-wing Titanic sinks, McCain blames Bush – when the problem isn't the captain but the ship
• Ohio Dems Push Back on White House Call for DOJ Action on Voting
• Six years late, a US judge at last defines "enemy combatant"
• US considers adopting Obama Doctrine, mulling talks with Taliban: report
• Dean Was Right: the "50-State Strategy" Works

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