Recession? Are You Joking?

Jeff Koopersmith says it's time for someone to pay the piper.

October 24, 2008 – Geneva ( – If I hear one more talking head on CNBC or Bloomberg tell me that we "could" be in a recession, I think I'll have to buy a new television to replace the smashed one.

As it is, the "financial" cable channels have a lot to answer for already.  There "analysts" – many of whom can't balance a teeter-totter have led obscene stock market cheerleaders that make the line-up of girls rooting professionally for the Dallas Cowboys look like nuns.

"We could be in a recession?"

Perhaps you should ask John and Cindy McCain how their huge booze distribution business is doing.  I bet sales are up as people in the region drown their sorrows in beer.  You might also ask the McCain's how there auction is going.  They are auctioning their house in Phoenix – value – well somewhere around $15 million.  The place looks like Holiday Inn with a pool area the size of Ecuador.  Let me assure you – $15 million in a crank town like Phoenix is like $100 million in New York.

Alternatively, maybe you could ask Sarah Palin, now NOT enjoying her $150 grand makeover.  Do you think Neiman Marcus gave her a discount?  She claims she didn't get her 150 grand worth:  "we're not like that" she whines – Gee, tell that to the Republicans who dare to show to faces on Madison Avenue or Rodeo Drive.

Most Hilarious Quote of the Day:

'There is no reason that this panic selling will end today. It could easily extend into next week. However, this is the sort of panic selling that has historically indicated that we are near a Bottom.' — Michael Farr, Farr iller & Washington

Better yet, why not ask the parents of the extra 500 million kids that will starve in third world nations that we've been robbing of their resources for the past 200 years?  They'll tell you this is no recession – it's a full blown depression.  The only thing different about it is that the U.S. Treasury is printing hundred dollars bills 24/7 to pretend we have enough money to bail out your friendly Manhattan townhouse owner who can't afford to send all four of his brats to private schools costing $35,000 a year for tuition.

Then there's the Republican malarkey. They're so scared that many of them are installing "safe rooms" in their Washington condos.  Today they tell you that Barack Obama, who seems to have at least a conscience, is trying to "redistribute" your wealth.  What wealth?  Have any of you even looked at your retirement accounts, or worse private, now unfunded pensions?  You'll be lucky to be living in a tent in a year.

The company that Bush and friends bailed out – AIG insurance – which was supposed to be insuring all these scam CDOs, CDAs, and SHTs. has already spent more than 90% of the bailout money it got as your gift, and I can tell you, it won't be enough.

All you idiot Republicans had better also examine what will really happen if the whole mess falls.  It won't be the wealthy who have to adjust to selling apples on the street – it will be the middle class.  The truth is, there won't be any middle class except government employees who'll try to keep the nation moving, and a few people in the "professions”.  – try Mexico as an example for the new American style living.

Deregulation!  You morons. Did you actually believe that the average guy and gal who killed themselves to get an MBA at Harvard or Yale were going to worry about the middle class as they traded one phony piece of paper for another?  As for you bible beaters – Did you think that the apple eaten at Eden wouldn't impact the talent for greed that bankers and Wall Street seem to have a special dispensation from Satan for?

Redistribute the wealth?  Do you actually believe that small business provides jobs for the middle class? Wrong.  Small business (business that is small) provides jobs for the poorest Americans.  While the government might describe small business as oil companies who earn less than $17 million a year – I call that pretty big business – and one that might not survive.

Listen to the GOP bull. Go ahead.  They're used to brainwashing you – and they're doing a pretty good of it – even today.  It seems there are at least 45% of you who think that Obama will take your job away because he wants to hike taxes for the VERY well to do by some small percentage.  Are you nuts?  What happens if he does that?  Well, I must admit – a few chauffeurs or private household chefs might lose their jobs – but don't worry about the rich in America – they've survived anything and everything – and they'll survive again.

All of us, including me, laughed at the Soviets and the Chinese because after thousands of years of history, they seemed hell-bent on stopping unbridled avarice.  Both nations failed – but not because it wasn’t a good Judeo-Christian idea – but because greed corrupts even the idealist.  You paid your taxes to elected officials in state capitols and Washington to protect you from this slime – but the gunk was already there doing the job for them.

C'mon – think about it:  "Just how much is too much?"

When you figure that out – you can write your congressperson and tell them – this is the limit – no more. 

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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