• Greenspan: I was wrong about the economy. Sort of…
More: Greenspan Uses the Bush Excuse: Financial Crisis Was ‘Broader Than I Could Have Imagined'
• Even in deep-red states, GOP feels the heat
• Obama Slams McCain's Fundamental Economics

Religious right group upset over GOP abandonment | McCain Apologizes to Reporter After Frustrated, Sarcastic Remark | Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner hit by death threats, cyberattacks | FEC Complaint Filed Against Palin and RNC's Shopping Spree
NY Times, Goldwater Family, former White House press secretary Scott McClellan endorse Obama
• Government May Start Backing Mortgages
• Richard Clarke: Osama bin Laden wanted Bush to win in 2004; there may be no Al Qaeda or upper tier terror cells left in US
• US judge to decide exactly what is meant by 'enemy combatant'
• Mike Connell Linked to Missing White House E-mails
Congress Daily: White House Fires Scott Bloch | • Mike Rogers: What is Mitch McConnell hiding?

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