• Colin Powell's Obama Endorsement Sparks Reaction: "Nail in the Coffin" for McCain
• Colin Powell gets candid in post-MTP interview: GOP anti-Muslim Crusade “killing us around the world”
• Houston and Austin Papers, Former Bush Backers, Endorse Obama, as Columbus and San Diego Pick McCain
• Hate You Can Believe In: ACORN Deluged with Threatening and Racist Voicemails and Emails • GOP Contractor Linked to Registration Fraud in CA Also Registering for Nader in AZ
• In West Virginia, a voting machine keeps switching Obama votes to McCain votes
• Mortgage Firm Freddie Mac Arranged Stealth Campaign, secretly paid a Republican consulting firm $2 million to kill regulatory legislation
• Kucinich calls for probe into billions in bailout bonuses
• Draft agreement: US army withdrawal from Iraq could start next year
• Israeli Leaders 'Seriously Considering' Saudi Plan for Overall Peace Deal
• Supreme Court may review immigrant prosecutions
• "Increasingly difficult to distinguish between the ultraconservative wing of the Republican Party and an explicitly fascist political movement"
• Climate Change Is 'Faster And More Extreme' Than Feared

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