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The McCain Circus Freakshow: Sarah Palin! The Veep Without a Brain
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Jeff Koopersmith wonders why the mainstream media still hasn't figured out that Sarah Palin is a one-woman freak show.

October 19, 2008 – Geneva ( – Look.  I don’t like being nasty, but it concerns me, to the highest degree, when the future of our country is at risk and the people we rely on to explain what’s happening during this presidential election cycle are busy being kind, rather than telling the truth.  There are countless examples media-slouch like this in just the past few weeks; so many in fact that it would take three books to talk about them.

Today I write about just one – the complete lie that Governor Sarah Palin is “wowing” Americans voters.  Nothing could be further from the truth or you would see it reflected in poll numbers.  It isn’t.

There is no doubt that Mrs. Palin attracts hefty crowds.  So did Hitler.  More important so did the famous Siamese Twins Chang & Eng, the Fat Lady, the Wasp Woman, the Bearded Lady, and the Man with Three Legs.

When John McCain chose Governor Palin, he instantly completed her as the freak of freaks although I am almost sure this was not his intention.

Who was this woman – the governor of a very large state in terms of area – and no one had every heard of her?  This alone is creepy.

Then Sarah Palin opened her mouth, her holier-than-thou bible, her pregnant teen daughter, her abuse of the language, her foolishness, her “summits” with mostly unimportant world leaders, her criminal activity, and -best of all- the fact that she thought God had sent our boys and girls to die on a holy mission to Iraq as well as caused a gas pipeline to be built in Alaska.

I personally loathe politicians like Palin, although I must say that fewer and fewer elected officials on either side of the aisle are worthy of something much more.  Nevertheless, I would drive a hundred miles just to see her and hear her in action.  Not because I adore or respect her – but because she’s a freak, of American history if nothing else.  Personally, I am sure that Mrs. Palin is someone I would enjoy.  As a political “force”, she’s a potential nightmare.

I randomly telephoned six people I knew of maybe a hundred who had been at a Palin rally.  Admittedly the people I spoke with were “in the business” but I knew they must have talked with others in these reputedly sell-out crowds.  I was right.  Five of the six had spoken with many in these crowds.  They all confirmed that it appeared that most of them had come to see Palin much as they might attend to a three headed monkey, a potential Formula One car crash, or an extreme fighting match where someone might be killed.

There is your explanation of the “lure” of Sarah Palin.

She’s a freak, not of nature, but of politics.  If Sarah Palin is not elected vice president, John McCain has done her the great injustice of ruining her political career.  She will never be re-elected, and the sour taste in her good-looking mouth will never go away. 

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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