• Obama Fights Back, Demands Justice Department Add Fake "Voter Fraud" Claims by GOP to Special Prosecutor Probe
• Supreme Court Deals Major Blow to GOP Vote Suppression, Sides with Dems on Ohio Voting Case
• Ex DOJ Voting Rights Chief Blasts FBI Probe of ACORN: "It's Going to Take a Long Time to Cleanse" Department
• McCain Comments on ACORN Lead to Death Threats and Vandalism
• Cook Political Report Upgrades 25 House Races, All Movement Favoring Democrats
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Denver Post , LA Times, Chicago Trib Endorse Obama
• Rep. Michelle Bachmann (Fascist-MN6) Calls for McCarthy-Like Investigation into Anti-American Activities of Liberals
• Biden Blasts Palin's Slur Against Non-Republican America
• McCain/Palin supporter kicks reporter to the ground at Palin event
• How We Lost the War We Won: A Journey into Taliban-controlled Afghanistan
• Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY) Convicted in Virginia of Drunken Driving
• Ted Stevens Corruption Trial: Stevens Takes the Stand, Is Combative
• Berkeley Breathed explains how our coarse national dialogue led him to end his beloved Sunday strip "Opus"
• Peggy Noonan eviscerates Sarah Palin – openly, this time
• Hypocrite: Graeme Frost Antagonist Michelle Malkin Complains That the Media Is ‘Going Full Force' After Joe the Plumber

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