• Debate: McCain's last big shot falls short
• The Republican senator's final debate performance was marked by oddball characters and marginal attacks
• Debate: CNN Poll gives Obama overwhelming debate win, 58-31
• Debate: Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher related to Charles “the Crook” Keating
• Snap polls render pundits obsolete; if it wasn't for the snap polls, the pundits would be proclaiming this night a glorious victory for McCain
• Is Bernanke underestimating this systemic financial crisis?
• White House broke the law, coordinated taxpayer-funded political travel for GOP
• McCain backer funds ‘domestic terrorist'
• Did McCain's Receive Special Treatment from Telecommunications Firms?
• McCain's 'voter suppression committee?'
• Private Palin Emails Must Be Preserved, Judge Rules
• Secret Service Investigating "Kill Him" (Read: Barack Obama) Shriek at Palin Rally
• Bush issues two more presidential signing statements
• Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-Horndog) Also Had Affair with County Official While Lobbying FEMA for Aid
• Paulson Lacks Leverage to Compel Banks to Put New Cash to Work

More debate porn below the fold; more headlines at the Newswire.

• Debate: CNN Poll gives Obama overwhelming debate win, 58-31
• Debate: CBS Poll gives Obama a decisive win
• Debate: Big Ayers Exchange Turns Out to Be Anti-Climax

• Debate: Gergen Characterizes McCain's Performance as "An Exercise in Anger Management"
• What's the difference between George Bush and John McCain?
• Debate: "Sen. McCain, women don't like it when you put 'health of the mother' in air quotes"
• Debate: McCain Mocks Women's Health in Abortion Issue
• Debate: GOP pollster Frank Luntz calls it a good night for Obama
• Debate: McCain's Deer in the Headlight Look on Obama's Healthcare Plan
• Debate: McCain sounded "more like the fevered swamps of Free Republic than the president of the United States"
• Debate: McCain Rolls His Eyes at Columbia Labor Leaders Being Killed
• Debate: Desperation as McCain Claims That Obama Voted to Let Babies Die
• Debate: McCain needed a game-changer tonight, and he didn't get it
• Debate: Joe the Plumber Doesn't Believe Obama Will Raise His Taxes
• Debate: Obama Hits Specific Solutions Right Out of the Gate

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