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October 8, 2008 – New York ( – Ever since Bush, Cheney, and Tony Scalia's Supremos stole the 2000 election, I've been making a strong point to friends, politicos and pundits.

I've been talking for the better part of the last eight years about the need for Democrats to talk tough, get tough, and go smashmouth – even in the face of tough uphill battles.

Now, at last, Democrats are finally beginning to talk and act with rigorous spinal fortitude – and the sounds coming from the Republicans realm run the full gamut from dispirited to unhinged.

James Wolcott took note of the situation in a Monday blog entry:

Even as I wave a farewell hankie at my investment holdings as they sink into the briny deep, I draw spiritual comfort from seeing the McCain-McWinky campaign unceremoniously drown with them. McCain could still win, but the advance signs of rapid decay are everywhere in his campaign, a death mask forming with rictus sneer that resembles a silent snarl. … I don't want the Republican Party simply defeated in November, I want to see it smashed beyond all recognition, in such wriggling, writhing, anguished disarray that it can barely reconstitute itself, so desperate for answers that it looks to Newt Gingrich for visionary guidance, his wisdom and insight providing the perfect cup of hemlock to finish off the conservative movement for good so that it can rot in the salted earth of memory unmissed and unmourned in toxic obscurity.

The eminently readable Tom Watson quoted Wolcott on his blog yesterday, and added his own observations based on Sen. Obama's politica home town:

Kick 'Em While They're Down, Hit 'Em While They're Bleeding

… To this Democrat, used to suffering through disastrous election nights in the full knowledge that the results will further ruin his country, Obama's instinct to go for the vicious final punch, the head-snapping lights out political blow, is a thing of beauty. … [H]e is not content to let McCain fade, or to allow his opposing campaign to trot out a series of lame attacks – really, Bill Ayers is gonna change this election?! – without using every weapon at his disposal. Besides, the stakes are big and the reward expansive for going negative in the last month. The entire conservative movement is ripe for dividing into rival camps – the social/religious camp versus the so-called economic conservatives. Huge majorities in Congress beckon. A sharp national turn to the left – the next New Deal – is lurking in the eaves.

And this is exactly the sort of leader that Americans like: empathetic, clear in message, and inspiring when necessary, ruthless and implacable in the manner with which he or she both bludgeons the bloviating opposition and leads the defense of the nation.

A few months ago, it was the conventional wisdom inside and outside of the Beltway Village that McCain would be the candidate with that image. Too few observers – including the Rove clones running McCain's road show – factored in the Chicago rules.

The result has been a slow-motion Straight Talk Express bus-wreck, and a series of outbursts from America's hard, infuriated right that leave progressives in alternating shock and schadenfreude.

There is good reason for concern over the outright racist sentiments, hatred, fearmongering and violence being incited by the Republican presidential ticket:

Meanwhile, right-wing hate radio has been increasingly feeding the intolerance as the campaign season has kicked into high gear. To cite the latest of too many examples, an unhinged Minnesota radio host who referred to Sen. Obama's late mother as "trash." He has also referred to the Senator as a "little bitch." Stay classy, Baker!

The signs of desperation go hand in hand with portents of a dispirited conservative movement. Via Kos:

 NRO's Mark Steyn gets email:

Well I have gone outside and pulled up my Mcain/Palin sign. This election is over. I will vote for Mcain but I know that come Nov. 5 Obama will be our president-elect.

I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. A once promising career will be permanently connected to the landside loss of John McCain.

I weep for my children and their families.

Maybe a little introspection will accompany those water works.

The nation's economy is now in the same shambles as our health care system, educational quality, and international diplomatic standing. And who is at fault for this fustercluck? The so-called "Reagan Revolution" followed by eight years on Neoconservative Mafia-bust-out-style executive leaders – and their synchronized propaganda organs.

They have at last stumbled and fallen, and they can't get up. They are writhing on the floor, sniveling and whining over "their" collapsed, metastasized version of America.

Timing is everything – and there's no better time for Democrats, progressives and liberals to get medieval, kick the old, doddering, opportunistic, faux-maverick careerist party-boy Republican banner-carrier while he is down – and to cudgel his narrow-minded, parochial, dumbed down, obnoxious, hate-mongering running mate.

Smashmouth. Now!

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