• A debate for sobering times: McCain did not surge, Obama looked masterly
• Joan Walsh: This town hall didn't help John McCain
• Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA33) says some Congressmen threatened with martial law if bailout bill did not pass
• Secret Service Looking into Potential Threats against Obama Made at McCain Rallies

• 'Economic 9/11' exacting grim psychological toll in US
• Waxman to Probe Fannie and Freddie
• House Votes to Extend Unemployment Benefits
• McCain connections are coming back to haunt him; Shared stage with terrorist sympathizer
• Palin's pals in the Alaska Independence Party had ties to terrorist state Iran. Yes, Iran…

• Palin Guarantees Emails Won't Be Released
• Sean Hannity, Robert Gibbs and anti-Semitism: How to go on Fox News
• Data mining for terrorists 'not feasible'
• Record low percentage of Americans satisfied with direction of country
• $2 Trillion Lost in Pension Funds
• Court Orders Release of 17 Innocent Guantanamo Detainees into U.S.

More debate porn below the fold; more headlines at the Newswire.

• Chomsky on economics and propaganda: "If the U.S. Carries Out Terrorism, It Did Not Happen"
• Debate: Obama talks issues, McCain keeps saying "my friends"
• Debate: Obama Flips Script, Uses McCain Catch-Phrase Against Him
• Blitzer: "Apparent" McCain Has "Some Disdain" for Obama
• Debate: "Sen. Barack Obama ran away with it"
• Debate: Alzheimer's! McCain Gets Petraeus' Title Wrong
• Debate: Brokaw just the same as Lehrer
• Debate: Some right-wingers NOT happy with McCain's debate performance
• Debate: Obama coolly dispatches punch drunk McCain
• Debate; "That One"
• Debate: AmericaBlog gives win to Obama, decisively
• Debate: Obama Plays Hothead Card
• Debate: Obama Makes Economic Case Against Iraq War
• D-eBay-te: McCain Touts Former eBay CEO as Company Makes Drastic Cuts
• Debate: Obama demolishes McCain tax claim

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