When You’ve Lost Ann Landers’s Daughter?

Via Lisa Derrick at the reliably ahead-of-the-curve Campaign Silo (whose missile-implying name always seems to bring to mind Onion News Network's War for the White House reports… and if you've never seen the opening FOX-News-eat-yer-heart-out title sequence… but I digress…), we read that the terrific advice columnist Margot Howard, daughter of the iconic Ann Landers, is none too impressed by Slick Sally:

I wish there were a word that was a cross between "appalled" and "nauseated," because that’s what the lady’s latest outburst has me feeling. … I’ll tell you what I see: a loud-mouth, loose-lipped nobody who is drunk on media attention and a quart low in the judgment department. … I think this hockey mom/moose skinner fits perfectly into the class war she is helping perpetuate, even though she has none. Up until now the lady has annoyed me because of her ignorance and arrogance, but now I am furious, especially when her headline-making remark from yesterday was that Obama was not "fit" to be commander-in chief. … I think the McCain people better lock the lady up again and tell her to zip it, because she is not fit to even ad-lib.

The entire blog entry is here. Margo's regular Yahoo! column is here.

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