• Gloves Off! Obama Goes on Preemptive Ad Offensive, Pre-empts Coming Attacks, Calls McCain Erratic, Weak on Economy
• Gloves Even More Off! Obama Ad Attacks McCain Health Care Plan as "Largest Middle Class Tax Hike Ever"
• A survey of academic economists by The Economist finds the majority – at times by overwhelming margins – believe Mr Obama has the superior economic plan

• Palin makes dead-wrong Obama terrorist claim
• McCain's Terror Connection: G. Gordon Liddy
• With bailout passed, lobbyists angling to play a greater role as Treasury implements the plan
• U.S. Treasury to Hire Private Contractors to Spend Bailout Billions
• Polling shows a country seeing itself in shambles, under GOP rule
• Activist slaps Palin with lawsuit over private emails
• The ACLU notes that the FBI made public Friday its new rules for opening investigations which basically say "facts not required".

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