• House Passes Wall Street Bailout Bill 263-171
• Lame Duck Signs Bailout into Law
• Gloves Off! Obama Ad Attacks McCain Health Care Plan as "Largest Middle Class Tax Hike Ever"
• The Smell of Desperation: McCain Plans Rovian Attack on Obama's Career Character – But How Soon Will It Backfire?
• Nouriel Roubini: Financial system is in cardiac arrest
• US national debt tops $10 trillion
• Republican Recession: 159,000 Jobs Lost Last Month
• Former Rep. Jim Leach describes a party lost as he meets with fed-up GOP insurgents at "Republicans for Obama" event
• Why Did McCain Leave Michigan?
• The dumbing down of the GOP: Why aren't more conservatives disgusted that their party nominated a person devoid of qualifications for the vice presidency (again)?
• Democratic lawmakers question autonomy of federal prosecutor in prosector purge probe
• Inspector General: Rove must answer to prosecutor
• Non-profit offers $100k reward for info tying Rove to election rigging
• Judge Suppresses Report on Voting Machine Security
• Palin failed to pay taxes on her per diem payments

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