• Joan Walsh: How Sarah Palin blew her big debate opportunity
• Sarah Palin on Medicare Freedom
• Why Sarah Palin is unprepared: Foreign policy isn't her strong suit
• Biden won the debate because the American people actually care about issues this year, while the pundits are focused on image
• Biden on McCain: “Maverick, he is not”
• Sarah Palin told at least 18 lies during debate
• The key debate moment: Biden talking about nearly losing his family
• CNN POLL: Biden wins debate 51-36
• Ex-Bush Officials: Biden Won the Debate
• Palin Survived, But Biden Won
• CBS News Poll: Biden Won Veep Debate 46-21
• Biden chokes up talking about being a single dad after his wife and daughter died a week before Christmas
• Biden: "How Different Is John McCain's Policy Going to Be Than George Bush's?"
• Palin Gets Afghanistan Facts, Strategy Dead Wrong
• Palin was like one of those dolls where you pull the string…
• Palin Botches Name of Afghanistan Top Commander

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