McCain Fires Palin and Chooses Dick Cheney as VP Candidate!

The world weeps as Caribou Barbie gets exiled back to Alaska. Jeff Koopersmith has the details.

September 30, 2008 – Geneva ( – Only an hour ago, Cindy McCain, who is traveling with Sarah Palin as her watchdog, had the sad duty to tell Sarah, "It's over". 

The Palin camp, made up of her two little girls and her husband, had no comment on the canning, but insiders (the maid at the Motel 6) told me that Sarah didn't react at all and simply kept putting on her lipstick – over and over again – without wiping any of it off.

Just before Mrs. McCain grabbed a cab from her suite at the Four Seasons, her husband, the hero John McCain, telephoned her to explain that Vice President Dick Cheney finally agreed to run for Vice President again, this time with McCain.

It's rumored that Cheney, even though he had 350 million dollars in a "lockbox" account in the Cayman Islands, could no longer afford the thirty man team of cardiac specialists who have been keeping him  alive for the past seven years.

The CCT (Cheney Cardiac Team) is on duty outside his bedroom or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Thus far, the American taxpayers have shelled out $600 million dollars for nothing less than miraculous medical care for the ailing monster.

McCain's legal advisor, Kenneth Starr, told me only minutes ago that there is nothing in the constitution to stop Cheney from running for Vice President forever.

John McCain is reported to be beside himself with glee.

So am I.

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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