• Obama lead grows after strong debate ratings
• Eunuch-in-Chief: Bush's Warnings of Danger No Longer Hold Power on the Electorate
• Senate to vote on bailout tonight
• Soros floats alternative bailout plan with Dems
• Troopergate: New Witness Said to Implicate Palin
• MO Senator Kit Bond (R) and White House Played Role in Firing of U.S. Attorney Todd Graves
• Justice Dept. inquiry ties lawyer firings to politics
• Mark Crispin Miller: Spoonamore Reveals the Plan to Steal the Next Election
• Florida 2000 Redux? a New Law to Combat Practically Nonexistent Voter Fraud Has Triggered a Spate of Lawsuits.
• Is a GOP Electoral Fixing Scheme About to be Unmasked?
• GOP in Disarray, Won't Follow McCain

• Vote totals likely to be rigged in Illinois, Colorado and Kentucky
• Watch John McCain's disastrous Des MoinesRegister interview
• The voters are angry – and don't know why
• Renewable Energy's Fate in Congress' Hands

More bailout meltdown below the fold. More headlines at the Newswire.

• Republicans caught lying again; they was secretly opposing bailout bill BEFORE Pelosi spoke, then used Pelosi's hard-hitting speech as cover
• Senate to vote on rescue plan with added tax cut
• Utter failure of leadership: John McCain admits he ‘didn't change Republican minds' on the bail out
• Obama Demands Bailout in Major Address
• Obama calls on Americans to support economic rescue plan
• House members who voted yes received 54 percent more than from banks/securities firms
• Stiglitz: Current bailout approach would help Wall Street, but not the real economy
• Obama pitches plan to amend bailout bill
• Panic grips world's markets
• Two-Minute Obama Ad Blasts Failure of Trickle-Down Economics
• Report: Gingrich Stabbed Boehner in Back, Whipped GOP Opposition to Bailout
• US lawmakers reject $700 billion bailout plan
• Banks, Lenders Hoarding Cash Worldwide

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