• Wall Street bail-out goes to vote
• Obama calls bailout "culmination of a sorry period in our history"
• Bailout Plan in Hand, House Braces for Tough Vote
• Bailout vote: Skepticism remains as leaders plead for a yes today
• Bring a Friend, Hank: What really happened at the emergency meeting with AIG a couple weeks ago suggests Paulson was propping up Goldman
• Lying media: ABCNews.com and Time.com headlines mischaracterized Paulson's remarks as blaming Democrats

• After Presidential Debate, Obama Plays Offense, Swings at McCain on the Stump
• BushCo shuts down SS database, blocking voter registrations
• McCain's Rick Davis Scandal: Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up with the Straight Talk (Not!) Express
• Bush appointees attempted to thwart probe into politicized firing of US Attorneys

• Fired 'Troopergate' figure Walter Monegan gives investigators more e-mails, undermines Palin's assertions
• Is the U.S. putting mentally incompetent terror suspects on trial?
• Is a pro-McCain Israeli front group trying to influence November's election results in violation of campaign law?
• Afghan Government, Taliban Holding Secert Peace Talks

More debate must-reads below the fold; more headlines at the Newswire.

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