• Tentative Agreement Reached on Bailout
• More: Full Value of the Bailout Concealed
• Sellout: House Democrats say the idea of letting judges rewrite mortgages to help bankrupt homeowners avoid foreclosure won't be a part of the $700 billion financial industry bailout
• Obama calls bailout "culmination of a sorry period in our history"
• Revealed: McCain said next to nothing during White House meeting on bailout
• How to nationalize the banks (worked in Sweden, 1992)
NYT probes McCain's many ties to gambling; lobbyists in McCain’s inner circle cashed in on Senate Abramoff investigation
• McCain's Rick Davis Scandal: Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up with the Straight Talk (Not!) Express
• Palin Being Investigated for Another Possible Ethics Violation
• Glenn Greenwald interviews Murray Waas on revelation that Bush directed Gonzales to take notorious "NCA hospital meeting" with Ashcroft

More debate must-reads below the fold; more headlines at the Newswire.

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