• John McCain, Barack Obama debate economy, bailout and Iraq
• More: McCain, Obama clash sharply on financial crisis, war policy
• Debate: Who won? Reviews go to Obama
• McCain's Online Ads Say He Won Debate. . . Before Debate Occurs

• In Congress, deal on bailout taking shape as rancor eases
• SEC Chairman Chris Cox (R-Wall Street) Admits Deregulation Led to Crisis
• McCain Aide's Husband Headed Trade Group Lobbying on Bailout
• Reid Blames McCain for Bailout Deal Meltdown: Deal Was Done, "Then Guess Who Came to Town?"

Report: Gonzales Pointing Finger at Bush in Surveillance Investigation
• More: Glenn Greenwald interviews Murray Waas on revelation that Bush directed Gonzales to take notorious "NSA hospital meeting" with Ashcroft
• Alaskan Officials Allege Palin Cover-up
• Kennedy released from hospital
• Democratic leadership ‘effectively shelves' Iran resolution

More debate must-reads below the fold; more headlines at the Newswire.

• Debate; McCain hits pitch but Obama makes sale
• Debate: Good night for McCain, better one for Obama
• Debate: Obama tells McCain war in Iraq didn't start in 2007
• Debate: John McCain's foreign policy posturing during last night's debate really cannot be counted as anything but an epic fail
• Debate: Luntz panel on FOX News gives Obama the win
• Debate: Seems everyone noticed McCain's sneers, anger and contempt
• Debate: Obama Calls Out McCain's Judgment
• Debate: McCain was again confused about Spain
• Debate: Obama won CNN poll of debate
• Debate: McCain sounded bitter and looked hunched over and mean
• Debate: Obama repeatedly reminds McCain, "You were wrong"
• Debate: Swing Voters Give Obama Big Win in Debate
• Debate: Barack Obama Explains to Old Man How Negotiating Makes America Stronger
• Debate reactions: McCain did not win debate, and that's a loss
• Debate: Obama throws punch in debate, says McCain sang about bombing Iran
• Debate: Obama tells McCain, "You were wrong"
• Debate Fact Check: McCain Lied About Financial Crisis Warning

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