• Obama And McCain Issue Joint Statement on Economy
• Democrats claim Wall St. bailout breakthrough
• Mortgage Crisis Solution Excluded from Bailout Plan
• CBO: Bailout Could Make Economy Worse
• Economists to Nancy Pelosi: Don't Rush Wall Street Bailout
• Kucinich introduces ‘voter foreclosure' bill

• In craven political move, McCain suspends campaign over economic crisis
• Records Indicate McCain Campaign Manager Still An Officer with Lobbying Firm
• CNN: McCain cancels VP debate
• Obama Campaign: "The Debate Is On"
• McCain is now unlikely to show up for the first scheduled showdown with Obama. Master stroke or campaign in meltdown?

National Enquirer names Sarah Palin's extramarital lover
• US military prosecutor at Gitmo quits, says office suppressed evidence that could clear a young Afghan detainee of war crimes charges
• War in Afghanistan is now ‘15 times more' deadly than Iraq
• GOP election officials in three states tell college students they can't vote
• Unprepared Sarah Palin unable to name any examples of McCain ‘pushing for more regulation' in the past 26 years
• Diebold for McCain in OH?
• Offshore Drilling Unbanned; Energy Bills Punted to 2009
• How Rachel Maddow Is Rewriting the Rules of Cable News
• Biden comes out with both barrels blasting at Palin-McCain ticket, deems old Johnny "divorced from reality" on national security
• McCain camp singles out NYT in non-denial of Freddie Mac influence

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