Cowardly McCain Abandons Campaign, Hides Behind His Talking Points

September 24, 2008 – New York ( – Either John McCain has let his impulsive side get the best of him yet again, or he thinks you're stupid, or both. [more]

The republican nominee announced he is suspending campaigning to head for Washington and pretend he's going to lead the GOP in cobbling together a bold plan to pull the nation out of an alleged liquidity crisis.

Judging from this SUSA snap poll, Joe and Jane Mainstreet aren't buying McCain's latest stunt.

cCain's risky decision to shut down his campaign and head to Washington to act as if he's in control of the credit crisis was a pretty bad move given that Americans demand that their President to walk and chew gum at the same time. The next president will be juggling crises in foreign policy, the economy, the health system and the move to sustainable energy sources.

In what may be one of the most amazing blunders of the 2008 campaign, a McCain aide accidentally leaked "crisis" talking points to the press:

"• To address our nation’s financial crisis, John McCain will suspend his campaign and return to Washington. He has spoken to Senator Obama and informed him of his decision and asked Senator Obama to join him. The campaign is suspending its advertising and fundraising."

Booman Tribune's terrance came up with a suggested list of talking points for the Obama camp:

  • Message: What is John McCain afraid of?
  • Message: John McCain has no message on the economy.
  • Message: A president can't postpone a crisis while he gets his act together.
  • Message: There's no time-outs in the White House
  • Message: John McCain isn't ready to talk about the economy.
  • Message: John McCain doesn't want to talk to you about the bailout.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

UPDATE: Washington Monthly's Steve Benen has posted his take on "[a] candidate with an impulse problem."

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