Headlines? You want headlines? I gotcher headlines right here…

• Bailout Wars Begin in Full
• Nouriel Roubini: the Shadow Banking System is Unravelling

• Survivors of 2008 become commercial banks to stay alive
• Dodd Bailout Bill More Aggressive Than Treasury Plan, Forgoes "Blank Check"

• Democrats Craft Bailout Plans to Include Compensation Limits
• Paulson's Conflicts of Interest Spark Concern
• Angst returns to financial markets as investors fret over bailout plan; stocks fall, oil soars
• China urges new world financial order
• Conflict of Interest? Report Says Goldman Sachs ‘Among Biggest Beneficiaries' of Paulson's Bailout
• Paulson, Lawmakers Agree on Equity Stake for Debt, Frank Says
• What Nobody's Saying: the Bailout Will Kill the Dollar
• Eliot Spitzer Was "Whacked" for Warning of Financial Crisis; Bush Fed Targets Taxpayers as Bagholders
• House GOP 'bewildered' by financial crisis
• Dems Push Back on White House, Paulson
• Bush widens scope of bailout

• New poll: Zero percent of Americans think national economy is improving
• Obama makes move into the conservative South

• Judge Rules Dan Rather's $70 Million CBS Lawsuit Can Proceed
• DOD Ordered to Release Detainee Torture Photos
• Another win in CREW's case against Cheney: Judge tells VP's office to discuss discovery with CREW
• MORE: Federal Judge Rules Cheney Must Follow Law
• Ted Stevens' Trial Begins with Jury Selection

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