• Obama Draws a Line in the Sand: No Paulson Deal
• Democrats Set Own Bailout Terms: Cap exec pay, all but end bonuses, help homeowners, rigorous oversight

• Dems: Not So Fast!
• Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the last two independent investment banks, will become bank holding companies
• Dodd to seek changes to Treasury relief package
• Pelosi: Action to protect taxpayers, no blank check for Paulson
• Bailout: Yes, There Are Deeply Angry Democratic Members of Congress
• Alternative Solution: How to Bail Out Ordinary Mortgage Holders And Not Just Banks
• Alternate Bailout Answer: Expand FDIC, Establish a 21st Century Home Owner's Loan Corporation, Emergency Authority to Control Megabanks
• Obama on Bailout: "This Plan Has to Help Homeowners Stay in Their Homes"
• Taxpayer-Financed Bailout Out of Wall Street Would Give Paulson "Dictatorial" Powers to Spend Our Money
• Paulson's bailout now bumped up to $1.8 trillion
• Financial terrorism: US taxpayers bail out Wall Street criminals
• Bailout plan forces US taxpayers to swallow Wall Street's toxic debts
• Bailout: What happens next?
• Paulson Resisting Democrats Push for Added Help in Bailout

• McCain chief of staff/lobbyist Rick Davis was paid $2m by Fannie and Freddie for access to McCain and to stop regulation of banking industry
• Palin greets wrong city at fumbled rally
• Rescures comb Islamabad Marriott for dead, survivors


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