• The Big Sh!tp!le: Bush Asking for $700 Billion to Bail Out Investment Banks after Mortgage Meltdown
• More from the NY Times: Rescue Plan Seeks $700 Billion to Buy Bad Mortgages
• Paul Krugman is uneasy about the federal buyout scheme
• US was literally days away from a complete financial meltdown
• Congressional Leaders Stunned By Severity of Financial Crisis

• Troopergate: Alaskan senators promise Palin report before election
• ABC: Palin may have lied in a court document re Troopergate
• Bush Administration's North Korea Nuclear Weapons Deal Is Collapsing
• They hate us for our torture: ABC has the video the White House does NOT want you to see
• Satellite Shows Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq Was Key Factor in "Surge" Success
• Republicans Undermine McCain, Back Obama on Iraqi Meeting
• Conyers Calls on McCain to Halt GOP Voter Suppression Efforts
• Why Republicans are bad for you, me and the economy

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