• Sydney Schanberg: John McCain Is Neck-Deep in a Cover-up of Information on MIA 'Nam Soldiers
• Pain from the GOP-Caused Financial Crisis Spreads as Credit Vise Grows Tighter
• Editorial of the year: 'Wall St. deserves to die'

• Bailout Panic: Paulson's bad debt purchase to cost half a TRILLION, and then some
• Long-term pain: Bail-Outs Will Eventually Cost America $1-2 Trillion
• New York AG launches probe of short-selling
• Band-aiding the hemorrhage: SEC bans short-selling of 799 financial stocks
• Bailout Package: Congress Scrambles to Cobble Something Together
• A Fair Plan to Pay for Economic Recovery: Tax the Speculators
• GOP 'selling out' ownership society: Republicans are refusing to take responsibility for the Wall Street crisis, even though John McCain's policies mirror George Bush's
• Palin's husband refuses to testify in probe
• Agreement with Iraq to Extend US Military Mandate Is at Risk
• Vermont AG candidate says she would prosecute Bush for murder
• How the GOP wired Ohio in '04: Steve Rosenfeld on Spoonamore

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