• Pelosi Orders Widespread Investigation into Wall Street, Will Demand Testimoney from Bush Admin Officials, Finance Execs
• On the cheap! Barclays agrees $1.75bn deal for core Lehman Brothers business
• Socialized economic medicine: US government rescues insurer AIG
• The numbers don't lie: Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans
• Obama Keeps Hitting McCain on the Economy
• The 2008 Wall Street crisis is a culmination of 28 years of deregulation
• Former congressional aide Susan Lindauer ruled unfit for trial
• Palin Trooper Scandal: McCain Campaign Takes Over, Hires Fixer to Bury Scandal
• House passes energy bill
• Deadly explosions rock US embassy in Yemen
• Michigan Dems and the Obama Campaign Sue to Stop Foreclosure-Related Vote-Caging
• Dick Armey livid Cheney 'bullshitted' him about Iraq 'mini-nuke'
• Iran attack pending? US to sell bunker-busters to Israel
• McCain Adviser: McCain ‘Helped Create' the Blackberry
• Addington forged Gonzo's signature on crucial doc

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